Just what IS a Phylograph and how does it help us to understand the relationship between our project members?

A “phylograph” shows the relationships, connections and distances between any related group.  The graph begins with the “Parent” from which all lines grow, then provides the connections to the subsequent generations, flowing out with each new “branch” in the tree.

In the case of our DNA project, the “Parent” is noted as the “Modal” with the lines to each branch of the family tree that grew from that common ancestor.

I have marked each connecting line with one color until that line reaches a mutation.  The mutations are shown as red circles and would, in essence, represent a “missing link” within the project.  This indicates a place in the continuous line where no project member has yet joined.

Each member’s kit in the project is shown in the first graph, as all have the 12 marker test to compare. Each circle represents a project member, unless the circle has multiple colors.  In the case of a circle with more than one color, each color represents another project member with an exact match.

*For interest, the markers for Colla Uais and Naill of the Nine Hostages have been added to see where our lines may intersect with them.  These historical figures are not a part of our project.

12 Marker Phylograph
12 Marker Phylograph

This graph shows all project members with 25 or greater markers

25 Marker Phylograph
25 Marker Phylograph

37 Markers

37 Marker Phylograph

67 Markers

67 Marker Phylograph

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