Project SubGroups

Based on Haplogroup, DYS results and known family history members have been placed into groups and subgroups by locale.  As with any large project, these results will periodically change, based on new data as it is received.

Please click the image below to access the full chart.

Member Grouping
Member Grouping

7 thoughts on “Project SubGroups

    1. Diane, I’d have to see his markers to give an exact idea of where he would fit in the group. If you can share his markers, I’ll take a look at them over the week and let you know.

  1. 19a 19b 385a 385b 388 389l 389ll 390 391 392 393 426 437 438 439 441 442 444 445 446 447 448 449
    14 – 11 14 12 13 29 24 11 14 14 12 15 12 13 14 17 12 12 14 26 19 29
    452 454 455 456 458 459a 459b 460 461 462 463 464a 464b 464c 464d 464e 464f BO7 YCAlla YCAllb
    30 11 11 16 18 9 10 10 12 12 24 15 16 16 18 – – 10 19 23
    A10 635 H4.1 And it says he is R1b
    15 23 22
    Cathy, Sorry it took so long but hopefully this can help. We can’t match to anyone closer than 8th cousin who lives in England. We were so disappointed. Have been trying to connect to someone here in the States that might could help us get past 1834. Would love to connect to you guys.
    Diane and Lamar Manley

    1. Diane, I am about to undertake the update of the site so if you would like to send me a kit number and family outline, I’d be delighted to set up a page for your results, comparing them to the others in the project. We do have other project members who tested outside our FTDna group. I can also add your info to the all in one tree if you like. Great to hear from you again!

  2. Cathy sorry I just now saw this.(June 25 th 2011) Thanks for you responce. I have scanned it and emailed it to you. Hopefully you can read it. Thanks so much.
    Diane and Lamar Manley

  3. Mrs. Cathy So sorry for taking so long. I did send the results bye email but you must not have gotten it. The results for H4 is 22 the results for the one you have is 607 but I think it must be GGAATlBo7 is 10 the results for none,results for CDY a&b I guess is none. I don’t have it on our sheet. This test was through ancestry.I don’t see a kit number.It does say that Lamar family Ancient Ancestry is The Artisans Haplogroup R1b
    It sure would be great to connect to someone closer. Thanks so much for what you guys have done for this project.

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