Project Members

All Project Members are listed on this page, inclusive of members testing “Y”, MtDna and Family Finder tests.

Specific Project members are listed by Kit# and are shown in the Drop Down Menus, by test type.  Due to the number of members, the “Y” results have been divided into 5 sets by Kit numbers.  Simply mouse over the tab for “Y” Project members.  That will open the sets.  Mouse over the groups to display all of the kits listed within.

Project Members who have provided Family Trees/Outlines are noted in green font.


11775 Manly/Manley ~ The lines of Thomas Manley/Manly circa 1715 St. Mary’s Co., MD

11820 Manley ~ The lines of William Manley of Cheshire, England

11931 Manley ~ The lines of Thomas Edward Manley of Fermenagh, Ireland>WI

11932 Manley ~ The lines of Charles Manley>Ireland?/through George Manley> NY, USA

12748 Manley ~ The lines of Elcany Manley>NC

12915 Manley ~ The lines of John Manley >Crockawady Glebe, Ireland>MN

12968 Manley ~ The lines of William John Manley>Dublin, Ireland> Sussex, Eng.

13008 Manley ~ The lines of William Manley>Laurens Co., SC

13250 ~ Manley~ The lines of Manley in England and Germany

14125 Maule ~ The lines of Georgius Maule>Possibly England via Panemure, Scotland

15046 Manley ~ The lines of William Manley, Sr. of South Carolina

15303 Manley ~ The lines of Richard A. Manley> Fluvanna, VA >Laure, OH circa 1795

15739 Manley ~ The lines of Jospeh Manley>Ireland

15932 Manley ~ Manley in Ireland

15933 Manley ~ Manley in Ireland

17526 Manley ~ The lines of Charles Manely>County Cork, Ireland

17679 Maule ~ The lines of Alnwick Maules>Northumberland, UK

18321  Maule

18643 Manley ~ The line of Michael P. Manley>Omaha, NB, Possible origins in Ireland

18958 Manley/Manly ~ The lines of Thomas Manley/Manly circa 1715 St. Mary’s Co., MD

22826 Manley ~ Manleys of Oregon

23540 Manly ~ The lines of Adrian Manley from Van Buren County, Michigan

23630 Manley ~ The lines Richard DeManley, 8th Lord of Manley, Cheshire, England

24846 Manley ~ The lines Sherman Lee Manley b. 21 May 1888 Lake Fork, Ill

3W275 Manley ~ The lines of Thomas Manly (circa 1756), Berkshire

30042 Myatt ~ The lines of Leon Lewis Myatt

34065 Manley ~ The lines Daniel Manley b. 1819, Dinwiddie, VA

37611 Manley ~ The lines of Manley, England

39882 Mould ~ The lines of James Mould, Middleton-Cheney, England

4V729 Manley ~ The lines Johnnes Manley, Wrenbury, Cheshire, England

58190 Manley ~ The lines of David Manley, South Carolina > Tennessee, 1795

74163 Monnelley ~ The lines of Michael Monnelley of Co. Mayo, Ireland

81723 Manley ~ The lines of Bryan aka Brien Manley of County Mayo, Ireland

89835 Manley ~ The lines of Anthony Manley of Ireland > Scranton, PA

90371 Manley ~ The lines of Patrick Manley, Ireland/ no results at this time

93441 Manley ~ The lines of John Manley (1630), England

98092 Manley ~ The lines of Abert Manley (1822) New York> Guam

98500 Manley

112418 Manley

118428 Munley

124814 O’ Maonaile ~ O’ Maonaile of Ireland

132647 Manley

133586 Manley

133708 Maule

137173 Mole ~ The lines of Thomas Moles, England

137371 Manley

139509 Manley ~ Trucks/Manley

142529 Manley

143502 Manley ~ Manley of England

147971 Manley

159631 Munnelly ~ Munnelly of Ireland

170862 Manley ~ The lines of Michael Manley


171545 Munley~ Munley of Ireland

172931 Maule ~ The lines of Andrew Moll/Mole of Scotland

179103 Manly ~ The lines of John Manly circa 1635 of England

181005 Manly ~ The lines of George Manly circa 1645 of England

181506 Manley ~ The lines of James Manley 1751 of Massachusetts

C4BMF Manley ~ The lines of Richard Manley of Georgia (?)

N10183 Manley~ Manley USA

N24453 Manley ~

N27599 Manley ~ The lines of George Manley of Coventry, Tolland Co., CT

N38464 Manley

N50533 Manley ~ The lines of Anthony Manley of Ireland

N81523 Manley ~ Manley of Ireland